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Holy Trinity Church was designed by Henry Woodyer, in the Gothic style and opened in 1854. It is flint faced and inside has paintings of the Stations of the Cross by Joseph Pippett, added in the 1880s. It is on the corner of North Walls and Upper Brook Street.

The Church, the Hall and Grounds Holy Trinity Church is a Grade II* listed Victorian building, completed in 1854 and much admired by the Victorian Society. Adjacent to it are the church halls. There is a substantial car park which generates revenue by providing parking for permit holders, primarily local residents and some business. The church building was designed by George Woodyear and was originally painted through with murals of the Stations of the Cross. Sadly, these were painted on a very thin lime wash and have now disappeared. They were replaced by some beautiful carved stations in the 20th century. The Calvary in the Church grounds is a War Memorial of the First World War which has been recently listed as a Grade II monument.

Holy Trinity Wincheseter
Holy Trinity Winchester


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