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Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday

Welcome to Holy Trinity Winchester. 

A special welcome if you are visiting the church for the first time. Today is Trinity Sunday, which brings to an end the first half of the liturgical year (book-ended by Advent and Pentecost) and inaugurates the series of twenty-five Sundays after Trinity. Trinity Sunday reminds us of that most precious of truths: that God is not solitary and in need, but, as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, he is full of familial life and love. As such, he overflows with abundance in creating the world and redeeming mankind. And so today we rejoice with the writer of Psalm 104.24: ‘O Lord, how manifold are thy works; in wisdom has thou made them all!’ 

Trinity Sunday also gives us an opportunity to give thanks to God for our parish church and his faithfulness to us as a people. As such we invite everyone to join us after the service in the Large Hall for some special refreshments to celebrate.

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